The first thing you notice in the picture reveals the best trait of your personality

Time and again, our interpretation of visuals have been used to derive insights regarding our thoughts and what makes us tick. Optical illusions are confusions. When we are exposed to an optical illusion, our brain tries to make sense of the anomaly we are seeing.

We can’t help making sense of things, trying to find meaning in everyday life events and phenomena or objects or movements. So when we are exposed to a mess of stimulus, our brain automatically makes us see the parts that require the least effort to process them.

Personalities are shaped by a lot of things – our beliefs, our culture, our genetic make-up, our childhood experiences, etc. And these form our concepts of the world around us and help us make sense of our reality.

Therefore the first thing you notice in the given picture is the closest to reflecting your best personality traits, check out the picture and know about some of your best qualities.

#1 An open book

If the first thing you saw in the picture was an open book, then you are driven by the quest for wisdom and knowledge. You love the smell of fresh pages. You can’t help being inspired by great authors, and you yourself have a way with words. You are intelligent and always hungry for more knowledge. You are highly intuitive and excel at reading people.

#2 Roses

If a rose or, roses are the first thing you saw in the picture, then you are someone who has an eye for beauty. You are inspired by the beauty and you invariably end up finding it. Your calmness and elegance keep you away from the social drama and taxing bonds. You are probably the most suited for courtship and your romances are mighty colorful, and often very successful. Your best quality is love.

#3 A tilted cross

If a tilted cross was the first thing you saw in the picture, then you have a strong imagination and creativity. Your self-generated thoughts often reflect nuanced and controlled information processing. Your best quality is loyalty. You like things being transparent between you and your partner. You think it’s better to tell truth to people, regardless of the hurt, rather than making them happy with a lie.

#4 Balloons

If the first thing you noticed in the picture were balloons, you value freedom the most. You are vigilant in protecting your freedom and feel it’s your birthright. Your best quality is optimism. You know how to hope in the darkest of times, despite the pain or the loss you may be going through.

#5 A heart

If a heart is what you saw first, then you seek love, probably year for it. Despite being an amazing persona, Cupid has never been kind to you. Instead, you have been hurt more time than you can count. Your best quality is your kindness. You hardly ever hold grudges and believe in healing others. You can forgive, but do not forget.

#6 A lion

If you saw a lion in the picture, you are courageous and brave. Not everyone can approach you easily, probably because you tend to be selective in your choice of company. You have an unconventional sense of understanding, which does not allow you to get along with people. Your best quality is confidence. You pay little mind to others’ discouraging words, you believe in your ability to move mountains.

#7 A smiley face

If the first thing you noticed in the picture was a smiley face, then you’re someone who can make anyone laugh. You are witty, a strong sign of high intellect. You are a sport when it comes to taking criticism. Your best quality is your humor. Puns and sarcasm are your best M.O.

#8 A Tie

If the first thing you saw in the picture was a tie, you are driven by a strong sense of self-righteousness. You never back down from following what you believe in. You do not bother conforming to the society’s ideas of right and wrong. Your best quality is discipline. You are always on your 100% performance mode.