Men, Before You Fall For A Strong Woman, Be Ready For These 9 Things

They’re bold, they’re adventurous and they’re not afraid to speak up. They’re also the most desirable women that you can ever come across. You just can’t help but go weak in the knees when you’re in the company of a strong woman.

Being in a relationship with one is an experience unlike any other. But they are not going to put up with just about anything. And that is why you need to be prepared for these 9 things when you realize you’re falling for a strong woman:

1. She will be brutally honest whether you like it or not
Expect no sugar-coating or taking it easy when it comes to being in a relationship with a strong woman. She will have an opinion and she will voice it with unmatched confidence. But the truth is, she’s only looking out for you no matter what she says. She values your opinions in her life and she wants a partner who is going to do the same for her. So pay attention to her thoughts because it will help you both understand each other better in the relationship.

2. She isn’t afraid of intense emotions and neither should you be
Whatever is going on, she is going to show it. It can be heartwarming or scary, exhilarating or heartbreaking – but a strong woman does not shy away from expressing herself simply the way she is. She is not going to hide it away and let it fester and turn into something worse. So instead of being passive-aggressive with her, embrace your emotions and have an open mind when she wants to share hers. Face up and feel all the highs and lows that the relationship comes with.

3. She is super independent so don’t be intimidated by it
There’s a reason why she’s emotionally strong. The ups and downs in her life have made her grow a thick skin. She’s always looking for a new challenge to take on because that’s just the way she is. She doesn’t go around looking for validation or assistance from anyone. So don’t be surprised when she doesn’t need your help. But what she does want is a partner who is a true equal, someone who can contribute to what she’s bringing to the table.

4. She wants you to be open with her like she is with you
She is willing to lay all her thoughts out to you when you are ready to do the same with her. At the end of a rough day, she will listen to you patiently, perhaps even offer a solution if you seek one, and be the shoulder you can cry on. But that’s only when she can trust you to do the same for her. The more you both communicate and express yourselves, the better it is. In fact, thinking out loud together as you both process new situations can help you deal with things in sync with each other.

5. She won’t listen so don’t bother telling her what to do
If you’re going to tell her what to do or decide whom she can talk to, then you’re making a big mistake. You can’t control her in any way because she won’t stand for it. She knows her self-worth and she wants you to respect that. Don’t try to bring down her confidence because if she decides that it’s payback time then you’re going to regret it.

6. She’s tough but her passion is greater
She’s been through a lot. That’s why she’s tough. But always remember that she has so much love to offer and you’re the one person she will give it to. She might have a calm exterior most of the time but make sure you’re ready for when she wants to do some unforgettable, spontaneous things with her. Once you do see her at her expressive best, you can’t help but surrender to her fiery passion so hold on for the ride.

7. She will give her all to you when you treat her right
When you finally earn her trust and start opening up to her, that’s when you realize how special she is. She will look out for you like she does for herself. Your needs will become her needs too, and your dreams will be her dreams too, but this is only after she is completely convinced that you will do the same for her. You will finally be able to say you found your soulmate.

8. She doesn’t do casual – it’s all or nothing
Give her a commitment and convince her that you’re as invested in the relationship as she is. She’s had her experiences of casual and perhaps even learned a thing or two from it, which has made her strong. And now she’s all in for the real deal. Put your head and heart into the relationship and eventually, you both will start inspiring each other to do better and be better.

9. She will look past your flaws and you should too
Finding true love can be the most invigorating thing in the world. It may not be perfect but it’s not meant to be. Despite shortcomings, it’s still amazing. That’s why she’s always ready to accept your flaws and even learn to love them over time. And when you’re ready to do the same for her, that’s when you both can watch your relationship evolve into something meaningful, something you both can cherish for the rest of your lives.

Pretty soon you won’t even notice how years have passed by, or how you both have crossed milestones together, but you still can’t get enough of her.