If You Have 5 Out Of These 6 Traits, You Were Born To Live Alone

Loners are people who are meant to lead their loves alone. It is their personality which makes them reclusive and they voluntarily avoid social life. They are at peace with themselves and their thoughts and they are at their very best when they lead a life away from the drama of humanity. These lone-wolves have what it takes to stand alone, even in a crowd, and if you have 5 out of the following 6 traits, then you may just be one too.

#1 A hatred for drama

A lone-wolf hates human drama. They do not have time for unreasonable demands and they do not value people who are irrational, erratic, and uncertain of themselves. Being clear-headed themselves, loners are more likely to have a good rapport with other loners and are usually uncomfortable around social butterflies.

Their hatred for drama is one of the most important factors that keep them away from large crowds. It’s not that they are anti-social, it’s just that they would rather have a genuine conversation than indulging in idle gossip.

#2 They value time a lot
Loners value time a lot. Their value for time is, however, not limited to themselves but they also value the time of others. They are punctual, efficient, and have a very strong sense of wastage. Each and every moment needs to be accounted and they are extremely good at managing their time.

This further means that they are reliable and can be counted on. Professionally as well as on personal terms, their respect for time makes them trustworthy. Further, the fact that they also value other people’s time holds them in good stead and makes them highly respectable.

#3 They are highly self-aware

Since loners spend a lot of time on their own, they are highly aware of their own minds. They know exactly what they like and what they don’t like. They are also aware of the things that drive them and those that hold them back. This clear understanding makes gives them a very good idea about their capabilities as well as their short-comings.

This degree of self-awareness means that they are usually calm and composed even under difficult circumstances. They do not panic easily and while everyone around them may get overwhelmed with problems, they keep busy actively seek solutions.

#4 Boundaries matter

Loners are very particular about boundaries and they firmly believe in the saying that ‘good fences make good neighbors’. They are not narcissists but they like being with themselves, and hence if someone tries to enter their personal boundaries without their consent, they can get extremely uncomfortable.

It also means that they would respect the boundaries set by others as well. They would not try to dominate or intrude into someone else’s personal space and this makes them really good companions to have. Respect their boundaries and you would see how much they appreciate it.

#5 Intuition and empathy are their strong points
Loners are highly guided by their intuitions. Their gut-feeling is extremely strong and they are highly sensitive to the vibes they get from other people. The very fact that they spend a lot of time analyzing and thinking about their own words and actions makes them extremely aware of their feelings.

Being self-aware also implies that they are in control of their emotions, which, in turn, means that they are also good with the emotions of others. By their very nature, they are reclusive but warm and welcoming. They have this unique ability to see the world through other people’s eyes which makes them understand their positions quite well.

#6 They love themselves

One cannot live alone if one does not love oneself. Through deep thinking and a high degree of self-awareness, lone-wolves develop a high degree of acceptance for themselves. They know their strengths but they are also aware of their flaws, which they accept and work on consistently.

With acceptance comes love and once they come to accept themselves, they do love their own being. Further, this acceptance is also for others in their lives. While they do remain isolated and aloof, the few people they do let in mean a lot to them. When a lone-wolf accepts you, the acceptance is complete and that is what sets them apart from the pack.