9 Reasons Why Waking Up Next To Someone You Love Is Good For You

Whatever your worldly pursuits may be, no matter how fast your life may be, you can’t deny the comfort and peace you experience in your partner’s arms. Their warm breath meeting yours, and their eyelashes gently grazing your skin, telling you that you are cared for and loved. You can share your unspoken emotions, time and experiences in some of the best ways this way. Moreover, there are a lot of studies as well that have shown how cuddling can add to the health of your relationship, and can also make your partner live longer. Here are 9 reasons why you should wake up next to someone you love:

1. It’s one of the best feelings in the world

Relationships are not always sunshine and rainbows, there are ups and downs that the couple has to go through as a team. A lot of you might agree that waking up next to your partner, in their embrace and around them is the best feeling to go through. The safety in intimacy is unlike any other that is felt. You both are in control of the peace and happiness under your blankets, isn’t that awesome?

2. It regulates your blood pressure

In 2005, researchers at the University of North Carolina had tried to explore if there were any physiological effects produced when partners cuddled. The study had found that they had lower blood pressure, and it helped them remain calmer when they were embracing their loved one. Cuddling can help in reducing daily anxiety. While our working routines can take a toll on our blood pressures, here’s is an immensely pleasant way to help your partner.

3. It soothes your pain

On many occasions, people end up going to bed all exhausted and frustrated with their work. There may be pain sensations due to muscular fatigue and too much work that can cause erratic sleep. When you are in bed with your partner, in their arms, the chemical cytokines – responsible for inflammation and pain – is reduced. And that leads to a soothing sleep and a happier morning.

4. It increases the levels of oxytocin

As it turns out, sex is not the only thing that leads to a release of this happy hormone. When your skin rubs against each other while in bed, it leads you to happy feelings. Since the brain prompts the oxytocin levels to rise in your body, your partner and you would most likely feel more loved, more warmth and cared for. If you are feeling low from something that happened at work, you can just go and collapse in your partner’s arms, and see the effect later.

5. It regulates your body temperatures

You may have felt this one. Going to bed with your partner also promotes a very scientific thermal equilibrium. When your bodies are in close contact, they naturally end up keeping their temperature in sync and consistent throughout the night. This leads to more restful sleep, as cold temperatures tend to disrupt our sleep when we sleep alone. What’s better, you being able to sporadically kiss your partner, or sleeping alone?

6. It is an intimate form of communication

While we do understand the importance of verbal communication and being able to express thoughts to your partner, there is a great amount of potential in non-verbal communication to help you connect better with your partner. And intimate forms of non-verbal communication are quite significant when it comes to expressing love and passion. If you want to tell your partner that ‘I am here for you, whenever you need’, cuddle them with their emotion in mind, you’ll soon know its effect.

7. It protects your heart

Regular and daily stress leads to an increased strain on one’s heart. We often do not pay attention to how much our fast lifestyles affect our heart. This uncertainty can be taken care of by going to bed with your beloved. It leads to a reduced strain on the heart and thus reduces the risk of developing heart-related disorders. It also keeps your hearts ticking right.

8. It leads to an amazing next day

Studies have shown that females who have shared their partner’s bed at night tend to view the following day in a positive light. Your daytime interactions can become more fulfilling and hassle-free. For the husbands out there who are planning a family trip, ask your wives about the plan after you have cuddled them the previous night.

9. It can be a time away from hectic schedules

A lot of the couples, who have hectic work schedules and timings, might end up feeling that they are not able to give time to each other or the relationship. That feeling is not so good as it can come out in different ways and become unnecessarily dramatic and corrosive. Cuddling your partner can bolster your trust in each other. Moreover, intimacy and pillow talk offers you a really good chance of meaningful talk, which can have the proper warmth of their skin building the mood.