8 Warning Signs You’re Mentally And Emotionally Exhausted

You don’t get very far along in life without learning that it’s full of ups and downs. One moment you feel like you can take on the world, and the next you’re in the depths of despair. Eventually, all of those extremes can start to be too much.

Psychology and Stress

Stress has become such a normal part of life that people don’t always recognize it, but knowing when you need a break is a crucial life skill. Here are eight signs that you might be headed for exhaustion.

1. You Can’t Get Motivated

Once upon a time, you were ready to take on the world. Now you can’t seem to muster up the motivation to even get going and your work starts to pile up.

When this happens, it’s tempting to try to push through and work even harder. What you actually need, though, is to do the opposite. Take some time to rest and rejuvenate. When it’s time for inspiration to strike, it will find you.

2. You Are Easily Upset

Mental and emotional exhaustion means that you feel everything more intensely. At any other time, an offhand comment or joke might roll right off your back. Now, the least little thing breaks through your defenses and makes you want to hide from the world.

Don’t think that you have to “toughen up.” If you need an emotional rest, take it. It’s not always easy to give yourself a break, but it will be far better to do that than to break down entirely.

3. You Cry at the Drop of a Hat

Just like your feelings are right at the surface, so are your tears. Even if you’re not usually a crier, others’ words and actions start to hit you right where it hurts.

When you’re completely exhausted, all the stresses that you encounter feel more intense. They build up inside you, and eventually, all your system can do to cleanse itself is cry.

4. You Have Frequent Anxiety Attacks

As exhaustion causes your little stresses to feel bigger, you begin to feel overwhelmed easily. You find yourself having anxiety attacks on a daily basis, and it can get scary.
Try not to get carried away by the fear. Remember, it’s a signal that you need to slow down and give yourself some time to cope. Take some alone time and figure out what you need that you’re not getting.

5. Irritation is the New Normal

The less in control you feel, the more irritated you get. Waves of irritation can give you a drive that feels like power and strength, but you feel powerless in your ability to handle daily life. So instead, you conclude that you have no business dealing with the world and you start to retreat.

Be gentle with yourself. It’s easy to give yourself a hard time when you don’t feel like you can do anything or be with anyone, but your mind is sending you the signal to make time for yourself.

6. You Can’t Sleep

One of the most frustrating things about exhaustion is that even though you don’t want to do anything, you can’t sleep either. Your thoughts swirl around in your head and you can’t quiet them long enough to fall asleep. You become more and more tired, and wakeful nights become one more thing to stress over.

7. You Feel Nauseated or Dizzy

Science tells us that exhaustion affects your whole body. When people are dangerously tired, their bodies are just too worn out to function normally and they start to feel constantly dizzy and nauseous. If this happens to you, it’s a major red flag that you need a break.

8. You Start to Go Numb

If you’ve been burning out for long enough, all of those troublesome feelings start to go away. In fact, you start to not feel anything at all. You’ve completely given up hope, so you just zone out.
This is one of the most serious warning signs of exhaustion. Any time you feel yourself starting to feel nothing at all, take a break. Find yourself and bring yourself back.
Healing is a Priority

Whenever you feel that your wellbeing is taking any kind of downturn, pay attention.

Take some mental health time, breathe, and take a good look at what you need to heal. You can handle life’s challenges, but you need to start with some self-help and self-care.

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Higher Perspective
Aug. 12, 2018 12:03PM EST
This Is Why A Pisces Will Be The Most Confusing Person You’ll Ever Meet
Pisces is the little sibling of the zodiac family. Like younger siblings in every family, they can feel under-appreciated and misunderstood. They are the most fluidic and dynamic personalities around.

This constant diversity of energy and intention makes it hard for them to build strong, long lasting relationships.

They are socially nomadic as well so they frequently aren’t around long enough for anyone to pierce through enigmatic aura.

Below we’ve dissected the Pisces and explained some of their more baffling traits. Remember that we are talking about generalities in personality here, so these are more guideline than anything else.

If nothing else it will provide a fresh perspective and those are always helpful in connecting with someone.

Empathy Is A Driving Force

Pisces are gifted with stronger empathetic reactions than the other signs. They can clearly tune into the deepest and most subtle parts of even a stranger’s mind state.

This heightened sense gives them an additional social level to experience and interact with others.

The strength of the reflected emotions can be viewed as the Pisces’ real emotions. This can easily cause confusion or give the appearance of mood swings.

They Can Be Oversensitive

Not just with their emotions or feelings, but their pride and confidence can be shattered by careless words spoken by a friend or loved one.

They have no defense mechanisms that dull them or protect them from their own sense’s. Their survival method takes a commitment few possess.

They turn the other cheek, and call attention to your pain or root problem for this conflict. They use nonviolence, empathy, and compassion to the fullest.

When someone carelessly just hurts them, they have no way to handle it but suffer. Choose your words carefully around Pisces.

You Will Be Shocked At The Range Of Their Personality

If you get to see Pisces in different environments, you will see radically different versions of them every time. They aren’t being superficial, they effortlessly absorb and reflect their surroundings.

They can be the life of the party, slinging jokes, making drinks, flirting and recalling fabulous stories. They can be the disciplinarian boss, complete with finger wagging and critical statements.

It takes a lot of energy to be a constant mirror for the people around them. If they come home after a party or long day at work, they may appear to be short tempered and not very social.

When they have spent that much internal energy, give them an hour or so by themselves to recuperate. Pisces bounce back from fatigue and negativity really well.

They Are Often Easy To Meet, But Hard To Know

The constant, dynamic flow of their personal energy makes them really contradictory on certain levels. This can make it hard for them to reach out to a stranger and the person reciprocates the connection.

They are wary of potential manipulators and people that would try to profit from their unique spiritual abilities. People will often only call on a Pisces because they had a bad day or event happen to them.

While they are willing to help, they are more than this one ability, and crave people who acknowledge them as individuals.

If you want to get to know a Pisces, be genuine from the first moment, they can sense dishonesty. Do your best to not be too serious around them.

The first few times you meet, don’t make a scene of it, but go out of your way to try and pierce the social energies surrounding them. Talk about them and how they have been.

They Are Extremely Accepting Of Others

This is the most likely inclination of Pisces to backfire. Their loving and compassionate attitudes can leave them a little naïve or blind to the truth.

When taking steps to protect your Pisces, don’t phrase it like they are wrong and you are right. Don’t get bogged down into whether or not the person is innocent or not.

You can’t win that argument. To avoid eternal verbal jousting, phrase it as you are uncomfortable and want to take these safety measures.

Explain that it doesn’t matter how ‘good’ the person is, it can’t be proven either way. As their friend you are asking that they honor your wishes.

Reality And Fantasy Bleed Into Each Other At Times

The planets of emotions and illusions (Jupiter and Neptune, respectively) affected their development. Gifted artists, the intents of their ruling planets strengthen their abilities and empower their imagination.

This can be used to help them achieve the unachievable. They aren’t held down by conventional or self conscious thinking.

Their Energy Levels Are A Reflection Of Their Environment

It isn’t uncommon to see a completely bedraggled, exhausted Pisces lay down for twenty minutes and get up intensely energized. They have a large capacity for absorbing the energy in a room or coming off people.

They can even make their own if left alone for a moment. Watch out though. These second and third winds aren’t always guaranteed and you may see them crash very quickly.

Don’t fret they’ll be fine but point out their fatigue as they might understand it yet. Get them food and water, or they’ll start snapping at the people around them. They aren’t often exhausted and they don’t handle it well.

They Are Always Hunting Out New Experiences And Adventures

Their social life looks that of a nomadic people. They learn to adapt in the environment they find themselves. They don’t set down deep roots, preferring to move around and chase down life.

They live for the unknown. They like having to think on their feet and with limited resources. They appreciate the difference between surviving and thriving.

If your better half is a Pisces, you’re going to need to be extremely flexible with your lifestyle. If you don’t accompany them on their adventures, you will be viewed as a ball and chain.

They will feel stressed and trapped. They want to be with you but they can’t be static for long. If you can’t adapt, they will leave you, because they can’t slow down.

They Are The Last Sign

They are the twelfth and last symbol of the zodiac’s circle. They are the youngest astrologically then all the other signs, that’s one of the reasons they are so much more vibrant than their family.

Their place on the cycle means that most signs feel the urge to look after their little sibling. All the preceding signs have bestowed aspects of themselves and lessons on Pisces.

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