8 Times A Man Will Regret Losing The Good Woman Who Truly Loved Him

You don’t consciously do it, but every now and then your mind wanders off into the past and reminds you of that one particular relationship were you fell deeply in love for the very first time. There may have been a number of reasons why you both parted ways. But when a man realizes that you were the only good woman who loved him like no one else, he can’t help but think that maybe he made a mistake. He berates himself, but the time is past. He knows that you have gone, and won’t come back to him ever again.

Of all the memories that he drowns himself, here are the most crushing moments where a man deeply regrets losing you:

1. When others like him for what he is and not who he is
He knows that real love doesn’t fall for money, possessions or status. And he is tired of people valuing these superficial things over the person he is. He remembers how you loved him for the person he was and not for the things he had. After so long, he still longs to meet someone who shares the same priorities you do – and it has nothing to do with how much each person has in their wallet, but what they have in their heart.

2. When no one understands his innermost thoughts like you
Being surrounded by people all the time no longer matters to him. What he is searching for is someone he can share his innermost thoughts with, and it hurts him how nobody can understand him the way you do. The way you put him at ease, the way he didn’t have to think twice before sharing something with you, it’s all something that he will probably never get back. It pinches his heart when he sees that there’s no one like you with whom he can share his greatest moments and deepest fears with.

3. When people stay for the good and leave for the bad
It wasn’t long after breaking up with you that he realized that it’s not having a company that matters, but a true connection. Having friends to go out with on a Saturday night is no longer important to him, he would much rather have people who would pick him over others on any given night when he desperately needs it. Whenever he looks back at your relationship, he sees that you didn’t just stick around for the good times, but you genuinely wanted to be there for him even when times were bitter because you cared. He doubts whether he will ever get someone who will not just share the laughter with him but also the tears.

4. When he sees his flaws and how you tolerated them
Only after breaking up with you did he realize that he too had flaws of his own. He always thought he deserved the perfect woman, but it was only after he broke up with you that he realized you were perfect in the most endearing way ever. You were patient enough to accept his flaws, you pushed him through moments of weakness and never held his mistakes against him. He realizes that you were always giving your best to the relationship, and he regrets not doing the same in return.

5. When the people he meets don’t have his best interests
Sometimes he feels completely guilty for taking your kind and giving nature for granted. After meeting other people who have tried to manipulate him or play mental tricks with him for their own personal agenda, he realized that you were truly special. And he regrets not respecting it in the way he should have. He hopes that the next guy you fall in love with will give you the unconditional love that you definitely deserve.

6. When he’s tired of changing for people who don’t matter
He’s sick of putting up a strong front for people. It’s exhausting him to always seem happy and be in the ‘party mode’ when he dearly misses you. With you, he didn’t have to pretend or be anything other than what he was, he didn’t have to hide his feelings or change who he was to please others. Being apart from you made him realize that it’s exhausting to be what you’re not and you never expected that from him.

7. When everything he prioritized over you didn’t matter anymore
All those things he put before you don’t matter to him anymore. He thought his popularity, his friends, or his success was what was most important but none of it matters anymore, because he didn’t have you to share it with. He feels deeply disappointed when he comes back home and you’re no longer there to share his achievements or his milestones. He feels ashamed for not valuing you because no amount of success or popularity makes up for the warmth that you filled in his life.

8. When he realizes he will never get the same connection he had with you
You were not just the woman he found true love with, you were much more than that. You were his best friend, confidante, and partner in crime. Despite meeting so many people after you, he failed to connect with people in the same way and wonders if he ever will be able to. He craves for the same connection that you both have and regrets losing you when he can’t strike a bond with anyone else.