8 Things You Do That A Narcissist Will Hate

Narcissists mainly want to rule your life and your happiness, and they won’t hold back on jeopardizing what you care about. But what happens when you fight back?

Narcissists are some of the most socially adept individuals who’d try to manipulate you through a wide range of toxic behaviors and schemes. They’re a bottomless pit who’d not hesitate to rob away your happiness if they are not a part of it. Despite their scheming and manipulation, there are certain situations that they can’t handle. You’d have noticed your narcissist partner lose it from time to time, and that would be when you threatened their sense of control over you and the relationship.

Here are some instances where a narcissist partner will resent you:

1. When you stand up for yourself

Narcissists hate it when their partner fights back and put up a resistance. If you are somebody that refuses to go down without a fight and are vocal about your opinions, your narcissist partner will not be able to accept it. They want to keep you subservient to their whims and moods, hence, as you project your individual voice of confidence and thoughts, they are bound to hate it.

2. When you no longer buy into their b***s***

Your logic and awareness is another thing that they fear. Many narcissists use gaslighting and lies to manipulate you and weaken your confidence. If you refuse to accept their lies and made-up stories with which they cover their tracks, then it directly harms their sense of control over you. Most of the times they’d want you to believe their lies, but if you start to trust your own senses, you’d gain an upper hand.

3. When you refuse to feel guilty

Toxic individuals often try to goad you into obeying them through guilt. They’d harp on your previous mistakes or make up instances where you were at fault. This is a way they manipulate you emotionally through guilt. Since it induces self-doubt in you, they seize that chance to get what they want. But if you refuse to let the guilt get to you, and don’t buy into being at fault, they can’t control you – control is what they thrive on.

4. When you do what makes you happy

A narcissist partner would want to be the center of your life and attention. They can’t accept the fact that you have other priorities in life and that you can be happy without them. For example, if you want to start violin lessons or painting, which is making your day better, then you are likely to be resented by your narcissist partner for taking those initiatives.

5. When you exhibit confidence and self-reliance

There is no worse feeling for the narcissist than when you start taking your own decisions in life – because to them it is a total loss of control over you. They are bound to hate your independence, as it will mean to them that they can’t abuse your feelings or love. They have worked hard to keep you submissive to their demands, but now you are asserting boundaries, and that makes them insecure.

6. When you connect with your friends and family

If you have a narcissist partner, then you’d have noticed how they have tried to isolate you from others slowly. They try to single you out by manipulating others and you. If you connect with your friends and family on a regular basis, they’d hate it – mainly because they don’t want to be left out and be out of the center-stage of your life.

7. When you put the blame back where it belongs
Your narcissist partner has most of the times blamed you for their failures and shortcomings. Also, they have shifted the blame on you in public as well, because they didn’t want to be wrong. Their illusion of being perfect and right all the time gets shaken to the core when you refuse to take the blame for their mistakes and weaknesses.

8. When you walk out and never look back

A toxic partner would want you to think that you are dependent on them for your life. They’d have tried numerous times to make you feel that you are nothing without them and only they understand you. However, if you just walk out on them and don’t look back, it can shatter them. This act would definitely convey that they have no control over you whatsoever, and it’ll break their illusion and manipulation they were building around you.