8 Reasons A Woman Who Got Out Of A Toxic Relationship Will Never Betray You!

The constant manipulation, the never-ending lies, the devastating criticism, the crippling self-doubt – she’s been through it all and she’s come out stronger than ever. A woman who’s been in a toxic relationship will understand what it’s like to be with someone who has used her like a puppet and thrown her away when he’s done with her. She will understand the pain of having to face herself at one point and tell herself that she’s done lying to herself about him. She will also be that woman who will never betray you and here’s why:

1. She Will Trust You And Encourage You To Be The Best Version Of Yourself
She knows what it’s like to be subdued and oppressed. She knows what it’s like to constantly be put down because she was never encouraged to be herself. Her toxic relationship taught her that her interests and hobbies were not important. She was meant to blindly follow his every diktat. But she won’t do that to you because she knows the value of trust and self-esteem and will support the person you are.

2. She Won’t Allow Issues To Fester
Molehills became mountains because their problems were never addressed. He wouldn’t listen to her and her opinions were ignored. She had no say and every attempt to fix their issues was dismissed. But she knows that communication is the key to a healthy relationship and so she will make sure that neither of you goes to bed angry. She will make the effort to fix any problems so that it can be resolved immediately and both of you will be stronger by the end of it.


3. She Will Treat You As An Equal
She knows what it is like to be over-powered and what happens when one partner abuses their power in a relationship. She knows that responsibility has to be shared and each one has to take ownership of their power equally. So she will treat you as an equal because she knows the importance of balance in a relationship and what happens when that balance is tipped. She will not do to you what was done to her.

4. She Will Take Care Of You
She is used to not being cared for. She has been snubbed by the man who was supposed to have taken care of her. She knows what it is like to be invisible in your own relationship so she will make the effort to take care of you so that you never feel the kind of abandonment that she felt. She will always strive to make you feel confident in her love for you, and that will only make you want to love her more and take care of her.

5. She Would Never Betray Your Trust In Her
She understands the value of vulnerability because when she bared herself to him, it was taken for granted and scoffed at. She then had to build a wall in order to protect herself from more hurt. But with you, she knows that your trust in sharing your vulnerable side is hard-earned and you can be assured that she will never betray it. She will encourage you to let yourself go with her with the knowledge that the real you is safe with her.

6. She Understands Your Growth As An Individual
She’s been through a ton of shit in her toxic relationship. Her individuality was smothered and her identity somehow became tied to him. She ended up losing herself because she was unable to separate him from her. But since her journey out of that, she has regained who she is and she will put in extra effort to make sure that your individuality will grow as you grow and will not be overshadowed by her. She gets the importance of the things that make you “you” and will be there to support you as you grow.

7. She Will Keep It Real
The toxicity of her relationship has given her a bullshit meter and she can spot a lie from a mile away. After being lied to, manipulated, and treated like an idiot, she now expects complete honesty and transparency from you. She expects it to be a two-way street and will not hesitate to call you out on your bullshit. She will ground you and will expect you to do the same for her because she knows that this is good for a healthy relationship.

8. She Understands The Importance Of Space
The lack of privacy or boundaries previously has made her understand the need for space. In a toxic relationship, the one that has had the power has always encroached on the other, not allowing them to enjoy any freedom or alone time. Jealousy and nosiness are factors that result in a loss of that personal bubble. In hers, she was the one who was overpowered and that lack of privacy has ensured that she understands that you need your own.

Having had to deal with all of the toxicity, she knows how to treat you because she refuses to stoop down to that level and do what was done to her. She will never exert such a volatile power over you and she will ensure that your relationship will be one based on mutual love, respect, understanding, and connection.