8 Kinds Of Unconscious Behaviour That Reveal Your Partner Loves You To The Moon And Wants You To Spend Your Life Together (Backed By Experts)

Being in a relationship is a double-edged sword as it’s not all a bed of roses. Along with the romantic happy moments, there are a lot of questions and doubts that might appear.

Usually, in the beginning, we all tend to see the partner through rose-colored glasses but later, we could start wondering if they really love us and if they look seriously on the relationship. And although we probably often hear that they do as they tell us so, this is not a sure sign that the relationship has the potential to last a lifetime.

Usually, real love doesn’t show come in the form of beatuful phrases but is unconsciously manifested through the behavior of the person who’s in love.

Here is why with the help of experts we’ve outlined 8 kinds of unconscious behavior that might reveal your partner loves you to the moon and wants to spend their life with you:
1. They know your true colors and accept you for who you are
Your partner knows your positive traits but also your flaws and they love you despite the fact you are not perfect. And most importantly they don’t try to change the person who you actually are. Here is the opinion of the couple counselor Anne Marie Foscolo:

“You should also look for someone who would be fine when you have a bad day or are not in a good, and who wouldn’t try to model you according to their idea of perfection”

2. They unconsiouscly remember things about you
The person who truly loves you will probably never forget the fact you don’t like mint tea although this might seem absolutely insignificant. On top of that, they would also unknowingly pick up a lot of details about you from casual conversations or when they hear something about you from others.
Here is what Bethany Ricciardi, sex educator and relationship expert with Too Timid “The Romance Company” says to Bustle:

“They may not even realize they’re doing it,” she says. “They just care so much they can’t help but remember the little things when it comes to you.”

3. They always keep in touch
When it comes to true love, it’s the need to be with or keep in touch with that person that is also a telltale sign about it. If your partner communicates as often as possible this proves they feel deeply connected with you and they are constantly thinking of you:

“Believe it or not, something as simple as a ‘good morning’ text can show someone has deep feelings for you,” Dresean Ryan, a relationship expert with KiwiSearches, explains to Bustle.

4. They are empathetic
Someone who’s close to you is usually aware of your feelings and emotions, of your problems and of the happy events in your life. But the thing that reveals whether or not this person really loves you is if they feel empathy toward you.

“If you spend enough time with someone you’ll find yourself caring deeply and your mood can very easily be affected by theirs “, Riccardi says.

5. Their company makes you happy
Another sign to tell you if you and your partner really love each other is how they make you feel in their company and how you make them feel in yours. That is one of the most important reassurances of love and compatibility according to Anne Marie Foscolo:

“Do both of you try and succeed in making comfortable the other person? Do both of you feel impatient to get together with the partner? If you or they don’t, you might need to change your behavior because these things are extremely important for the success and genuineness of the relationship”, she says.

6. You can efortlessly look at each other for a long time
Body language is also important when you are with the partner says body language expert Traci Brown:

“You’ll be OK looking each other in the eye at close range — just a few inches,” she says to Elite Daily. “That’s really uncomfortable to do with people you’re not intimate with.”

Therefore, it’s not a bad idea to pay attention to whether or not you and your partner can look at each other deeply without talking, or blinking, as this might be a sign of true intimacy it turns out.

7. They are thinking about future with you
Another important sign that your partner loves you and takes things between you seriously is if when he or she is thinking about the long-term future they include you and behave accordingly. Here is what Riccardi says about the importance of having (serious) future plans with the partner:

“Creating a future with someone, or, dreaming about one, says ‘I love you,” she says to Bustle.

8. Difficulties don’t bother them
The path of love isn’t a straight line, and if your partner loves you sincerely, they won’t feel afraid when difficulties come your way. On the contrary, they should be willing to put whatever efforts it takes to preserve your relationship. So, you can easily tell whether or not someone really loves you by their behavior. If to them there’s nothing more important than maintaining the relationship with the one they can’t live without you might have found the one who will love you to the moon and back.

Lastly, it’s important to remind that understanding if your partner will actually stay with you in the long haul is difficult and takes some time because often we might confuse lust and passion for love.

That is why it is essential to be conscious of how the things between you two are going at all stages of the relationship and these subconscious kinds of behavior of your partner might give you a clue if you are on the right track.