7 Things You Want To Tell People Who Think They’re Entitled

We all know that one person who seems to think that they own the world. They believe that all their whims and fancies are to be achieved even if it’s at the risk of hurting someone’s feelings. They place high authority on their status and think that anyone who isn’t on their level, isn’t worth giving any respect to. Because at one point or the other, we have met someone who lives off their parents’ reputation or believes that they have to be catered to all the time.

We have a lot to say to them but we stay quiet only because we were brought up to be respectful towards others. Of course, that doesn’t mean we let them walk all over us. But there are just some things we really badly want to say to them that will hopefully make them realize that being entitled doesn’t automatically give them the power to do whatever they want.

1. You are not the center of the universe
It feels like the more entitled someone is, the more they think that everything is about them. If you’re trying to have a deep conversation with them, they somehow manage to turn it around to make it about them. All your problems or achievements somehow end up being about them. Amazingly enough, some of them do it so smoothly that you don’t even notice the change in tracks. But once you do realize it, it annoys you because you know that in the same situation, you would always listen to the other person and try to help them instead of making it about yourself.

2. You are not better than everyone else just because you know someone who knows someone
Most entitled people love to name-drop. It makes them feel powerful and smarter than anyone else. Unfortunately, it also makes them think that they are better than everyone else and expect that everyone will be in awe of them. They think that by mentioning famous people they know or have met, other people will immediately look up to them. Not surprisingly, it just makes you want to roll your eyes. Normally, you would be impressed by the fact they are well-connected, but only if it isn’t accompanied by certain snobbishness that seems to surround them.

3. Owning expensive things don’t mean that you can look down on others
Considering the materialistic world we live in, people believe that the more number of expensive things they own, the better their status is. In some ways, that is true but an entitled person seems to think that just because they own a BMW or own a Rolex watch that didn’t come from hard work, they can look down on those who work day in and day and don’t have a branded item. You know that your hard work results in good living and the pride you feel at having earned it is immense. For you, while it would be nice to have something expensive, you also know how to enjoy life with the things that you have. You understand the value of hard work and connect with others who value the same.

4. Just because you speak well doesn’t mean what you’re saying is right
It’s one thing to have an opinion and share it with others but it is another thing to act as if your opinion is the gospel truth. Unfortunately, most entitled people can talk well but act as if whatever they are saying is fact. They are not even willing to listen to another opinion because it may prove them wrong which they definitely don’t like being. Because you are open to others’ ideas and opinions, this sort of behavior just makes you want to sit them down and try to educate them, even while knowing that the attempt is futile.

5. You don’t get to decide our worth after meeting us just once
When they tell people not to judge a book by its cover, it means that there’s so much more to a person’s story than what you can see when you meet them for the first time. Entitled people may not have come across this common proverb and have a habit of judging someone the moment they meet them. If you don’t own a designer watch or wear some clothes from the latest collections, then they immediately label you as unworthy of being around them and ignore you.

It makes you mad to see these people making no effort to see past the clothes and appearance to look at the depth of a person. Even without having expensive things, the person could be caring, loyal and loving, which just gets brushed aside.

6. People give in to your whims because they don’t want to deal with your tantrums
Entitled people expect things to go their way all the time. If something small is out of place, they create a huge deal out of it and start to act as if they are the only ones who can do things right. Having had experience with these kinds of people, you don’t follow their wish because you respect them, you do what they ask because you don’t want to deal with their constant whining and childish tantrums. You have other responsibilities that require more of your attention, so you give in, in order to move on faster. Even if you’ve tried to explain to them why certain things are beyond your control, they don’t want to hear it.

7. Treating us badly only makes us more grateful for the person we are
There is nothing better than looking at an entitled person and realizing that in dealing with them, you actually are a happier and stronger person. You learn that you are secure in the fact that you are a mature and independent person, capable of accepting others’ way of looking at life. So when a person who is entitled treats you badly or insults you, it just makes you more determined to never be like them and you become a person who is respected by others for your strength and sensitivity.

Entitled people may make us want to smack some sense into them, but we would be doing the same if we were to judge them based on what we see. It is possible that they could have been brought up in a circumstance that causes them to be the way they are. The most you can do, however, is to try and show them that there is a world beyond what they have known and to be able to be understanding of others. So don’t give up on them just yet. Some have the potential to change and be truly better people.