6 Ways Your Relationship Could Be Triggering Your Anxiety

Relationships can fill your life with lots of things – love, romance, compassion and so much more. But the last thing it should be is your source of anxiety. Every relationship needs work, but when you feel like things are changing in your relationship because you no longer feel like your carefree and light-hearted self, it is a red flag to watch out for.

If you’re turning into someone who is always on edge, and if the reason is your partner, then it’s time for you to really take a step back and focus on what’s best for you. If you find yourself dealing with these things, then your relationship could be the reason behind your anxiety.

1. You feel like you’re the only one putting in the effort
When the entire weight of the relationship is on you, it can make you feel anxious and you start feeling the pressure from all the strain that’s put on you. You remind yourself of how things used to be when you have those moments of doubt, and you struggle to make things work because you want to feel like how you used to feel at the beginning of the relationship. But the anxiety you’re feeling might start strangling your relationship completely.
2. You’re slowly realizing you prefer being alone than with them
Being with your partner has taught you what can trigger a negative reaction in them and the words that might make them aggressive. Although a few compromises here and there from both partners can be healthy, it can make you extremely anxious when you’re constantly watching what you say and how you behave around your partner so that they don’t react negatively. This could also be why you heave a sigh of relief when your partner is not around because that’s the only time you feel at ease.

3. You’re not just fighting with your partner, but with yourself too
Not only are the fights with your partner affecting your relationship, but the fights you have with yourself are having a bigger impact. You might be lying to yourself, hiding what you truly feel because you don’t want to walk away from the relationship. But nothing is worth having to lose your sanity and your sense of self, especially a partner who can see how anxious you are but chooses to ignore it or forces you to act the way they want.

4. You avoid telling your partner what how really feel
Not being able to truly say how you feel in a relationship can be one of the most frustrating things. The fact that you are suppressing your thoughts and your emotions is one thing that is triggering your anxiety, but it’s made worse when you see that your partner is always putting their emotions over yours and disregarding your feelings. Knowing that you’re stuck in a relationship where you lose your voice can add to the tension that you are already feeling.

5. You feel trapped with no hope of escape
As you keep giving up your desires for the relationship, you are slowly giving up on yourself and forcing yourself to put up with things you are not actually comfortable with. If it’s your partner’s manipulative behavior that’s causing your anxiety, you may start feeling like you have no way out of the relationship. You may even start thinking that you have to get used to living with fear all the time.

6. You’re giving up control against your will
Giving up your independence in the relationship might be the toughest thing that you have to deal with. When you feel like your every move and your every step is being controlled by someone else, or there’s something about the relationship that makes you change yourself to make things work, you are giving up your control. Pay closer attention to what is really making you feel anxious in the relationship, and if you feel like your partner is taking your control away from you in a negative way, gather the courage to claim it back and walk away.